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  • 執筆者の写真TORANOKO P.A.C

佐川秀紀砥部町長のメッセージ ~Message of Mayor of Tobe Town~


I am Hideki Sagawa and as Mayor of Tobe Town I should like to formally welcome you to the opening of the ‘Chopin Village Festival’ .

ショパンビレッジフェスティバル in 砥部町の開会にあたり、一言ご挨拶申し上げます。私は砥部町長、佐川秀紀と申します。

Tobe is a scenic town with a rich cultural heritage of over 240 years and is famous for traditional Tobe-yaki pottery.


Our town has been promoting international friendship and co-operation between itself and the Republic of Poland for some considerable time. This co-operation has included not only the organisation of musical concerts but also the planning of international goodwill trips to Poland for Japanese children to enjoy every summer.


A highlight of these trips has been the great honour bestowed on us of having been invited to the Presidential Palace of Verbeder; and to enhance our trips to Poland we have set up ‘Polish Language Courses’ to improve our linguistic skills.


Tobe Town is located next to Matsuyama City, which is famous for the Dogo hot spa. When Mr Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska, a former Polish Ambassador, visited Tobe, she was delighted to know of the great bond between Tobe Town and Poland. So please do visit our town when you come to Ehime prefecture.


Please may I end by expressing my gratitude to all the many organisers and their staff for enabling the Chopin Village Festival to take place and to the many world-wide artists for their scintillating performances.




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